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Why Can’t I Figure this Out?

I know. You’ve excelled in so many areas in your life, so why is this different? Going from one program to another, starting to see results, but life gets busy, and it starts to back track. One day you are feeling so pumped and motivated, but the next you feel like all the energy is drained from your body and your mind.

  • You're frustrated that the program you did before isn’t giving you the same results
  • You get down on yourself when you miss a workout, and binge on a night out
  • You feel ashamed that you can’t get this part of your life in order
  • You think that the next program you find will be the one, but the same pattern happens again…and again.
  • You know you have a lot more strength in you, and it’s frustrating that you don’t know how to unleash it.

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What if there was a WAY?

What if every morning, you woke up with the confidence that you were doing all the right things for you? To be 100% in control of your own personal strength journey?

  • How would it feel to know you are getting results every day?
  • How would you feel if those feelings of guilt were gone from your mind when your plans change?
  • What if this area of your life was the strongest?
  • How incredible would it be to stop needing to search for answers?
  • What if you realized that you are reaching your full potential every single day?

Welcome to the Strength Connection Training

You CAN not only achieve the goals you desire for yourself right now, but learn the way to duplicate your results every day going forward! With SCT, we put together the proven framework to build your strength and change your body and mind, but in a way that works with the chaotic nature that life will throw at you.

You are not just following a program blindly, hoping it is the right thing for you. You are actively part of the process, creating the plan along with us to make sure it is fitting YOUR life, not the other way around.

  • You will create the body and mind you’ve desired
  • You will learn to build your intuitive skills to know how to make your plan fit you
  • You will find a confidence in your strength you didn’t think was imaginable
  • You will realize that you have unlimited potential that can be grown every day
  • You will take full control of your life

Meet Michael

With over 14 years of experience in the Strength and Conditioning world, Michael has worked with thousands of individuals in Kettlebell training, strength, athletics, nutrition and personal development. He’s worked with stroke victims in restoring lost physical function, all the way through working with professional and collegiate athletes in baseball, hockey, rowing, and track and field.

He’s passionate about decluttering the confusion in health and fitness, and using specific practices for developing strength in body, and strength in mind, to help individuals learn the way to not only achieve their desired goals, but learn to take full control of their strength in life, regardless of what gets thrown their way.

Ready to Unveil your strength?

Life never waits for us to be ready, it’s when we take action that things change for us. You ready to look inward, to put your best foot forward everyday for yourself, build the body and life you want and not look back?

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